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Top 12 Things To Do After Gettting Engaged

1. Tell your parents.

Give them the honor of hearing the news first.  Have the champagne ready to celebrate. 

2. Make the Calls
Before you log in to Facebook to update your relationship status or tweet your happy news, be certain everyone who should hear it from you personally has been called.

3. Get a manicure.
Your finger and its sparkly new adornment will be getting a lot of attention.

4. Speaking of rings, get yours appraised and insured!

5. Craft a catchall response.
You’ll be asked when you’re getting married often. Get past the “big day” question by choosing a month, season or even just a year.

6. Perfect your proposal story.
Everyone will be asking how he popped the question. Craft a retelling that reflects the beauty and magic of the moment.

7. Make a pass at your guest list.
Before you even begin the venue search, nail down this magic number. Planners want to how many people you’re inviting so they can pair you with spaces (ballrooms, tents, etc.) that can accommodate head count. Packages are also priced in ranges based on guest minimums, so this will help you with the next step: budgeting.

8. Set a budget and start saving. 
It’s easy to get carried away planning for the happiest day of your life, but ask yourself, do you want to be paying for the wedding years after the honeymoon, or would you rather go house hunting?

9. Places, please!
Figuring out where to hold the reception is hard work. You may visit several venues before finding “the one.” Make this part of the planning as fun as possible by staying calm and organized. Create a spreadsheet (and consider sharing it in a Google Doc) with your fiancé to keep tabs on the venues you visit, what you like (or don’t like) about them, their prices, etc.

10. Buy a few bridal magazines. 
The Internet can be overwhelming when you’re wading through wedding websites. Magazines can help remedy that feeling. Pick one up and start folding pages, mark them with post-its, and have fun.

11. Buy Your Groom's Wedding Band.

By giving "him" his wedding band it gives him something to cherish and look forward to as much as you.  Think how much you enjoy your engagment ring... most guys get the same satisfacation out of having that symbol of marriage (even if it is only something they hold onto until the big day).  This can help your Groom be more willing to set aside time to plan the wedding.  

12. Relax & Enjoy.
Do your best to avoid any unnecessary stress. You don’t want anyone cracking Bridezilla jokes about you, right? Some days will feel completely overwhelming. When this happens, grab a latte, go for a pedicure and think about how amazing your wedding is going to be.

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